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  type: python
  instances: 3
  type: mysql
$ dotcloud push myapp .
App online.

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Why DotCloud?
DotCloud lets you create the best cloud stack for your application. We give developers and IT professionals the freedom and flexibility to mix and match languages, databases, caching and messaging components without the need for additional servers or infrastructure.

Deploy any stack

Not every application needs the same stack. DotCloud lets you mix and match frameworks and databases as you see fit. Whether you need PHP or Java, MySQL or MongoDB, you’re free to pick the best tools for the job.

Focus on what matters

Don’t waste your time with servers. Simply push your code, DotCloud will deploy it. We take care of provisioning, configuration, monitoring, scaling and more.

One click. 3 datacenters.

Your entire application is distributed across multiple data-centers, natively. Every component in your stack is protected by health checks and automated failover - with no extra work.

All in one place

What if you could manage all your applications in the same place? From mission-critical behemoths to throw-away scripts, DotCloud shows you all events and changes, across all your applications - and helps you act on them.